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aka - about me
"I wish I spent more time at the office" - Arbel420aka

I am Arbel
I am the artist behind the alter ego of Arbel420aka. I create surreal images using elements from pop culture and life around me. I am the leading voice in the Digital Pop Dada Surrealism art genre (a genre I invented).
I'm showing the absurdity of the art world and pop culture in today's technological age by combining and juxtaposing images with my weird (and sometimes dark) sense of humor.
Born in 1977. Started drawing at the age of 3, and never stopped since. My destiny has been written with a V5 Pilot pen and I think it read "Thou shall not work in an office!". So, I became an artist.
Through the years, I've had a successful weekly comic strip in Israel, I won a few art and design awards and created some cool logos. My art was featured by Snoop Dogg, Alex Pardee, Sam Flores and others in their social media feeds. Outside the art world, I owned and operated, with my wife, a boutique hotel in Costa Rica, traveled, was part of a dancehall soundsystem crew, worked as a kindergarten teacher and had sporting a beard since I was 17.
I'm a husband and a stay-at-home dad to two wonderful kids. I'm an avid comic reader, an ok gamer and a pot smoker. I draw, paint, illustrate and put street stickers up, but in the past few years I've been concentrating mostly on various collages techniques and digital media. In the fall of 2015 I published my first book, "Digital Pop Dada Surrealism (and you)", after a successful campaign on Kickstarter. I try to to explore new media and new techniques hoping to improve myself all the time.

  • collage

    cutting stuff and putting it back together

  • beardness

    20 years. I haven't clean shaved since 1995

  • humor

    not everybody will understands it

  • stoned

    blow trees daily

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