If you need to ask what does the “420” in my name means, we’re probably from different worlds…

4:20 is the international number, representing WEED SMOKE. Yes, I smoke weed. I’ve been smoking it for over 20 years and it has been a motivation, an inspiration and a cure. In the past 12 months or so I’ve been suffering from headaches. I’ve tried everything-  to change my diet, sleep more, exercise, pills, doctors, massage therapy – nothing really helps me. The ONLY thing the sooth my pain and gives me clarity is cannabis smoke. Weed is always part of my art, if not in the collage itself, its “behind the scenes”. Here are just a handful of examples:

IMG_7806 IMG_7822 IMG_9021 IMG_9110 IMG_9262

IMG_1003 IMG_1975 IMG_3808 IMG_4589 IMG_4599 IMG_4769 IMG_4861 IMG_4930 IMG_5801 IMG_5982

(for more 420-minded art, check my artwork section)

Keep yourself elevated! Get high and stay there!