I love street art. I always admired people who share their styles and ideas with the “everyday” men and women of cities. Wherever I travel, I always look for street art – graffiti, murals, tags, paste-ups, stencils, stickers, installations and/or whatever creative people share with the world. I have albums, with tons of street art,[…]



Yo! If you need to ask what does the “420” in my name means, we’re probably from different worlds… 4:20 is the international number, representing WEED SMOKE. Yes, I smoke weed. I’ve been smoking it for over 20 years and it has been a motivation, an inspiration and a cure. In the past 12 months[…]

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ROBOTS! I love robots. I’m not a tech guy at all. I don’t know how to write code or how to operate machinery but I love the design of classic tin robots. I think it all began when I was kid, fascinated with science fiction novel by Asimov and Arthur C. Clark. I used to read[…]

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Digital-Pop-Surrealism – The Book

So…. I recently self-published my first book, collecting hundreds of original collage and compiled in a beautiful 8.5″X8.5″ inch format. The book started as a KICKSTARTER idea, when each backer for the project got a special, personalized collage in the book. The project itself took me a couple of months to finish but was a[…]

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The life of a digital-pop-dada-surrealist

Yo! New website, new blog! let’s start: Hi, My name is Arbel Ratzin aka Arbel420AKA and I’m a digital-pop-dada-surrealist. You don’t know what digital-pop-dada-surrealism is? it’s ok – I invented the term. Basically, I create digital surreal collage images that are based on and influenced by pop culture and mass media. Most of my pieces[…]