Meet The Characters

Wannabe Skull
Inspired by one of my kid’s drawings, Wannabe Skull emerged in my art in 2010 and is my most recurring character to date.
His expressionless yet endearing face makes him, virtually, the perfect person for his job as a model.
But, don’t think of him as just another “pretty face.” Wannabe Skull is a complex individual with lots of layers. He is an avid art collector, music lover and a world traveler.
When he is not modeling, Wannabe is an amateur street artist and a painter.

Get to know me – Wannabe Skull
Favorite book: Travel by Yuichi Yokoyama
Favorite movie: Kill Bill
Favorite music: Honky Tonk classics
Favorite food: Sushi
My Hobby is: Street art

Here are some pictures of Wannabe Skull:

Honky Tonking Hobo shirt weird shirt stickers  Wannabe Han Solo

The French countryside Robot Billboard Roadtrip billboard puff magazine stop hating

420 Bugs and the 420 Bugs’ Art Gallery* (*420BAG)
The 420 Bugs are a bunch of mischievous bugs that create crazy fun wherever they go.
Certainly a loud group, the 420 bugs, come with their skateboards, spray cans, foul language, and the occasional burrito and immediately take the spotlight from anyone around them. When the 420 Bugs are around, you’re sure to hear loud reggae and/or hiphop tunes blasting from their stereos and you’ll definitely smell the aroma of ganja in the air…
The Bugs are fighters against prohibition and for the legalization of marijuana world wide. They strongly believe in free art for all and that is the main reason they started the 420 Bugs’ Art Gallery.

420 graffiti  let's get HIGH you suck! bugs life Wannabe magazine cover

Forever high pee bugsky surprise motherfuckers! BIG bug

The 420BAG
The 420 Bugs’ Art Gallery was founded in 2015 to create a space for art no one else will show and for everyone to see for free. The virtual collection is curated by the bugs themselves and includes, mostly, digital pop art and post hyper surrealism pieces. The pieces hung in the gallery are NOT for sale but for everyone to enjoy.

Check a few pictures from the gallery here:

D time J double double 2

bug gothic pearl pop Darth coffee Rolling  surreal

Cash Bunny
Cash Bunny aka Mr. C.B. is the mysterious beneficier behind the Wannabe Scope Enterprise TM. Named “the world’s 12th richest bunny” by Forbes magazine, Cash Bunny stays an enigma to most. Not much is known about his shady past or the origin of his vast fortune. Although, Cash Bunny is the financial backbone support to the Wannabe Scope world, his motives to do so are still unclear.

Rare photos of Mr. Cash Bunny here:

hide tv spot cash money

Other characters in the Wannabe Scope include:
420 Wolf Pack Crew

shepherd and wolf IMG_0418 IMG_1204 Japanese
The 420 Robotic Lab

robo fam robo heads IMG_5325 IMG_6232 robogun

Ms. N (motivational wife)
E&E (inspirational under-aged superheroes)

Arbel Ratzin (custodian)